QBWizard is designed for QuickBooks users who are implementing Tigerpaw for the first time. Setting up Tigerpaw on the accounting side and linking it to QuickBooks can be a long, difficult process, but QBWizard makes it quick and easy. Be up and running in minutes, not hours!

QBWizard is meant to be used with the newest versions of both QuickBooks and Tigerpaw. Results cannot be guaranteed with older versions. You will also need to create and register a new Tigerpaw database. It’s also important that any imported data be accurate and reliable. QBWizard can help in several ways:


Chart of Accounts
QBWizard recreates your QuickBooks chart of accounts in Tigerpaw, including classes. It also creates the GL codes that Tigerpaw uses to represent both sides of a general ledger entry. QuickBooks and Tigerpaw have incongruent databases. Long account names, numbers, and class information in QuickBooks can exceed size limitations in Tigerpaw, so QBWizard highlights problems to allow you to correct them beforehand.


Accounting Setup
You’re probably already familiar with the terminology used by QuickBooks, so QBWizard presents the setup for linking to Tigerpaw from a QuickBooks perspective. This minimizes confusion and allows you to easily choose accounts and move forward. Explanations are also offered for diverging paths. For example, you can configure Tigerpaw for purchasing with QBTrak, or select the default method of tracking costs through the general ledger.


Tax Codes
QBWizard will also create your tax codes to save you time!