Ignite is a Tigerpaw automation package designed to streamline processes, and prevent Tigerpaw from operating in ways that don’t comply with company policy or procedures.

Automatic GL Code Assignments
Save hours on invoicing each month by automatically assigning cost and income GL codes to parts on a service order based on part type and service order type. Easily track income from parts or labor on new installations versus repair tickets. Stop creating hundreds of price levels!

Ignite offers five options to set your GL Codes:

  • Automatically with Ignite by SO Type, and item type
  • Automatically with Ignite by item category
  • Using Tigerpaw price levels
  • Using Tigerpaw GL code overrides
  • Manually on the service order line items


Automatic EZ Bill
Automate the EZ Billing of service orders when they move to a closed status. This action can be filtered by SO Type. Less button-clicking makes everyone happier.


Automatic Rep Assignment to Service Orders
Instantly assign the rep on a service order as it passes through statuses. For example, changing the status to “Dispatched” will assign the order to the dispatcher for manual technician assignment, changing the status to “Waiting on Parts” assigns the order to the warehouse manager, and changing the status to “Cleared” assigns the order to the billing department for invoicing.


Immediate Credit Hold
Put all newly created accounts on credit hold to establish a line of credit.