Our Tigerpaw-to-QuickBooks accounting link eliminates the process of manually exporting and importing accounting information posted in Tigerpaw. Through our seamless integration, data will be automatically entered into your accounting system.

Eliminate the Batching Process in Key Areas

  • Account export for both customers and vendors
  • Accounts receivable integration
  • Payment integration
  • Purchase order export
  • Automated credit hold
  • Time sheet export


Why QBTrak?
If you’ve never been in charge of exporting accounting information from Tigerpaw to QuickBooks, it may not be immediately obvious why one would choose QBTrak over manually batching.


Eliminate Double Entry
Double entry (manually recreating invoices and other trasactions in QuickBooks) is tedious and error-prone. QBTrak provides improved speed and accuracy.


No More Single/Multi User Mode
To manually batch, everyone must log out of QuickBooks so the admin can log in under single-user mode. This means that no one else can use Quickbooks until the admin returns QuickBooks to multi-user mode.


Precise Error Messages
If there’s a problem, QBTrak provides more precise error messages so you can address the issue quickly.


Continue Exporting
If an error is encountered, QBTrak continues exporting. The single object causing the problem is put on hold temporarily until you’re ready to address it. Nothing is lost; each export is accounted for.


More Detail
More detail and flexibility than the manual import-export process—get more account information and more precise tax reporting.