The following products were at one time sold and supported, but have since been retired. Retired products are always under consideration for a revisit, so please contact our Sales department for information on anything seen here.

We are dedicated to supporting products through the support contract lifetime for all discontinued products.


Tantivy is a Windows service which would e-mail Tigerpaw reports. Invoices could be e-mailed to customers, reminders sent out to aide in collections, and a thank you message once an invoice was paid. Other informative reports could be scheduled for daily, weekly or monthly delivert,


TigerTrak Barcode provided a mobile asset management solution linked to Tigerpaw’s Inventory by using a Windows PocketPC PDA with built-in bar code scanning capability. As of 2010, we are no longer be able to provide this product to our customers.


Sentry was originally a platform that became host to all sorts of integration features. Sentry included several reports, contract expiration notification, service order escalation, our QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting export, and our Avalara AvaTax integration. While Sentry has been deprecated, most features have migrated elsewhere. Our QuickBooks integration, QBTrak, is now its own product. Tantivy can automatically deliver reports. We intend to move Avalara to its own service in the future.


We intend to continue providing Peachtrak, our Tigerpaw to Peachtree accounting link, for the latest versions of Sage 50 as they become available. However, we do not know how long Sage will continue to support the SDK on which Peachtrak relies. We also cannot predict how future versions of Windows might affect the product. Due to this uncertainty, and because only a very small portion of our accounting-link user base uses Sage, we can no longer guarantee support for Peachtrak.


The portals provided Tigerpaw access through the web. Our collection of portals allowed staff to utilize Tigerpaw through the Employee or Mobile Portals, there was a Customer Portal, and a Management Portal for managing service, and sales departments, or viewing information about inventory.